Passionate about what we do – that’s our hardworking team members everyday goal. We do our best making sure that your goods arrive in the right place at the right time for the right price. We service different production and trade companies from Europe and CIS Countries, as well as handling our agent’s requests from overseas. Operating thousands of shipments yearly help us constantly improve service and make our customers happy.


Abordage logistics was founded with aim to service clients with full range of transportation, import/export and distribution needs, in short: “you trade – we deliver”. We provide our clients with support starting from correspondence with suppliers or buyers in different countries, formalization of documentation and customs clearance process following up the goods to the shelf if necessary.

Our team is always at work and ready to offer solutions to your logistics needs. It is important for us to achieve the desired result you need, we work with you as a team. This may sound a little bit pathetic, but the result is worth it. Each client - is a separate project that involves all our effort, resource and knowledge. Our aim is to establish a comprehensive support to Client’s trade activities, no matter it is big firm or private entrepreneur.

- We have a range of transport facilities and services that we often combine to maximize the quality of the services you get from us.

- Wide range of transportation and warehouse services with required combination in one place

- Dedicated team you can count on, picking the phones and follow your requests and orders in time

- Control of shipments from factories, checking shipping documents is our responsibility

- Each client - is a separate project that involves all our effort, resource, and knowledge.

- Correct and in-time commercial, accounting and legal documentation

- Insurance of third-party responsibility


  • Our primary goal - is to ensure that your goods arrive at the right time in the right place.
  • Our aim is to provide our customers with professional services that will help them achieve the growth and success that they desire in their businesses.


    • We prepare loading, unloading, and installation plans;
    • We plan and determine a compatible transportation route, while taking local requirements into account;
    • We engage ourselves in the control of shipments from factories as well as checking shipping documents;
    • We also ensure that there are no difficulties with customs clearance and obtaining permits;
    • We obtain permits for oversized goods, organize confirmation from the necessary agencies
    • Our staffs are immensely involved in every process in order to solve your problems all the way.


  • “Abordage Logistics” currently occupies 2nd place in the top 5 transport companies in Ukraine according to rankings;
  • Every year we increase the amount of tons delivered by 30%;
  • We currently have a growing branch network on five continents.